Elsie’s preschool program

Elsie’s end-of-year graduation program was so fun. She attends Forever Young preschool and has the most wonderful, loving teachers in the world. 

Mom and Elsie had a special girls’ day out.  We painted our fingernails, dressed up, and took a hot date (named Spencer) out to Applebee’s for lunch. 

Then we went to Elsie’s program, where mom attempted to video tape, take pictures, and care for “our date” simultaneously.  (Where’s Dad when you need him!!)

Elsie sang with enthusiasm, to say the least, and mom–when asked–acknowledged Elsie’s artistic flare by saying, “She gets it from her dad.”  That will teach him to have an afternoon meeting on such a special day.  

Here’s Elsie with a few fellow performers and neighborhood friends..

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Look Ma! No Hands!


Elsie jumps in the “pit” at Little Flippers,

where mom takes her & Katie to expend energy once a week–

which is not nearly often enough.

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