Katie’s Cake

So after all the hoopla at D-land, we came home and Mrs. Katie teared up and asked, “Don’t I get a birthday cake?” — as if lunch with the princesses wasn’t enough. 

I was tired from traveling, swimming in laundry, and fed-up with family time (sad but true), so when Chris said of course you do I gave him the you just signed your own death warrant look.

Thinking a simple round cake with candle would suffice, I asked what kind of cake…meaning flavor.  Ariel, of course, was the outcome of my poorly worded question.  And we learned the hard way that –No–not all of their dreams come true at Disneyland.  Many of them come true in our very own homes.

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Wow…I can’t believe it!

dscf0291.jpgThe “Amazing Katie” balances on the beam sideways! 

Let’s see your kid do that!!

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