Mail Myself to You . . .

Natalie had her first piano recital.  We’re privileged to share a great teacher with only one other student and a good friend of ours: Nate.  With only the two families it was a very sheik, private concert.

Nat had a hard time remembering Mail Myself to You, but tried to keep her composure and when the book magically appeared (thanks Trish), played well.  We’re so proud of her not giving up.  Nate played his own rendition of Yankee Star Wars.  It was wonderful with a big finish.  We celebrated their efforts with yummy musical cookies, tuxedo strawberries (Trish style) and a piano cake, made by Natalie.




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Little Natalie’s growing UUUPPP!

Natalie had an endocrinologist appt.

with Dr. Swinyard yesterday & has grown


1/2 inch in three months. 

She’s grown 3 1/2 inches in the past 11 months. 

All of her hard work is paying off. 

She celebrated with (badly needed) Hannah Montana shoes . . .

but I have the feeling that soon she’ll be borrowing mom’s.

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